This was such a great by guest Pastor Caleb Kaltenbach last week from our church.  It was such an important message that while we are not called to approve everyone’s life choices we are called to accept them as they are and love them.  That doesn’t mean we are to sacrifice truth but we are to extend them grace in truth.

God calls us to love our “enemies” which means we aren’t supposed to change them first before we can love them but we are to love them while they are still against us.

This is how Jesus lived and love, he loved us and died for us while we were still sinners.  He did not command us to get our lives together so that we were perfectly in line with his will before he would die for us.  His love came first and we change to become more like him because of that love.  He did not sacrifice truth but had the perfect balance of grace and truth.

This is definitely worth a listen.

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